1.75m Remnant Number 1 INS White Cotton Nottingham Cluny Lace

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Made with quality heavy gauge cotton, this lace is 2" inches wide with two straight edges.
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This is a fabulous old cotton lace insertion which is bright white in colour in the famous number 1 old traditional cluny design. 
Made with quality heavy gauge cotton, this lace is 2" inches wide with two straight edges. Suitable for garments or household textiles.
Manufactured in England by Cluny Lace, the makers of the lace on Kate Middletons - The Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Wedding Dress and underskirt. They also made the trims that were on the Bridesmaids dresses on the collar, cuffs and around the bottom of the beautifully made little dresses. Cluny Lace is a small family run firm which has been making beautiful British laces for over 200 years and are still using the same machines and techniques used all those years ago.
Price is per 1.75 metre remnant.


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